Our trip to Guanajuato was immeasurably enhanced to Ivonne’s presence and planning. Our visit coincided with the 46th International Cervantino Festival so we were able to participate in many of those celebrations too. Our hotel room overlooked the downtown area where much of the Cervantino was held so we had a continual view of all the activities. We had the school’s activities as well, including language classes and trips that Ivonne had scheduled to museums and events. All in all, it was a 10-day excursion well remembered!

Sandra Sutphen

Dennis and I had a really wonderful trip with Ivonne as our guide to Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende. Although we've traveled many different places without a tour guide and not in a group, we felt that our first trip to Guanajuato was greatly enhanced because we were with Ivonne. Having lived a lot of her life in Guanajuato makes Ivonne ideal for the job! She knows Guanajuato like the back of her hand, and it would not be an easy town to see in depth without her expertise. And it's especially good to have an experienced person with you because of the crowds during Cervantino. In addition to seeing several Cervantino performances, we enjoyed museums, shopping and great food. And the Casa Colorado Hotel was so delightful in its beautiful setting with spacious rooms and a nice restaurant. Everything flowed smoothly during the trip from the time we were picked up at the airport to the time we arrived back home. Even our daily Spanish classes were a lot of fun and educational. We very highly recommend this trip with Ivonne!

Dennis & Nancy Naigle


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