It includes 3 hours of Spanish daily and a cooking class.

Our goal is to help you communicate in Spanish. There are four areas of communication: listening speaking, reading, and writing. In our program we consider all four areas. Because we have an emphasis in Spanish conversation to get your conversation skills up as quick as possible.

The duration of the intensives can vary from one week up to a month. Our courses will be intensive ¾ hours a day in which two of them are actually hands on Spanish.

You will receive as part of your course a Booklet / Workbook according to your level.The price for one week is $2,800 MX


Semi intensives

It includes 3 hours a week of Spanish.

The goal is the semi intensive is to get your conversation skills up. However, if you are not up to ¾ hours per day you can come 1 hour 3 times a week. You will see a huge difference. Every day we will work in a different skill. Grammar, speaking, writing and reading.

The price is 12 classes a month $1,800 MX

Groups Classes

It includes 8 classes a month of Spanish.

Groups classes meet twice a week for an hour. With assignments to do at home. The price for 8 classes a month is $1,500 MX

One on one

This goes at your own pace. The class will be designed according to your needs/goals etc. (price depends on frequency)


Our mission is to inspire, to support and to empower our children with Spanish language skills through our programs.

According to a new study, performed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US, if you want to achieve proficiency similar to that of a native speaker you should start learning before the age of 10. So give them the opportunity to learn a second language.

We assess the children when they register to make sure they are placed in the right level. there is an option that will fit your specific needs and schedules

AM Schedule (10am - 1pm, one hour class)
Three times a week $600 MX (per child)
Twice a week $400 MX (per child)
One class $250 MX (per child)
Monthly $2,000 3 times a week (per child)
PM Schedule
$1,400 MX Monday, Wednesday and Friday 4 PM to 6 PM

Reading club

We will also have a reading Club, we will be reading Martín Solares, "No me manden Flores". A writer whose work has been praised by Junot Díaz as 'Latin American fiction at its pulpy phantasmagorical finest,' Don't Send Flowers is a riveting novel centered on Carlos Treviño, a retired police detective in northern Mexico who has to go up against the corruption and widespread violence that caused him to leave the force, when he's hired by a wealthy businessman to find his missing daughter.
A seventeen-year-old girl has disappeared after a fight with her boyfriend that was interrupted by armed men, leaving the boyfriend.

($1,800 MX 1 time per week,4 classes total- includes the book).


The workshops are very practical.  We teach you the cultural differences and awareness of how sometimes we do what we do or why things are the way they are in lovely Mexico. Some of them are:

10 things that pissed off Mexicans and how to avoid

Cursing en ESPAÑOL…El verbo chingar y sus derivados… (El chingonario)

How to make “salsas” like a “mexicano”

We will have NETFLIX en español. This will be a class. Where we watch together a Mexican Sitcom with vocabulary and specific exercises that will help you improve considerably.

($1,500 MX 8 classes, you could buy groups classes, twice a week with this for $2,600 monthly)

Practical Spanish

  • Gardening
  • House keeping
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Mechanic
  • Banking
  • Real state
  • Restaurants (ordering and understanding the menu)
  • Getting around (directions)
  • Construction


Cooking classes

The way to delve into a culture its through its food. So get to know Mexico and its flavors. Each month the cooking menu its dedicated/based in a different Mexican State.  So indulge yourself in the aromas and flavors of Mexico!

Most classes are from 1 hour to 2/3 hours depending on the menu, then you eat what you’ve made or take it home for dinner.

*Pricing varies depending on menu and instructor.